Hair and skin care are developmental experiences that are integral to mental health, identity, cultural bonding, and more. Our guiding principles (F.R.E.S.H) have shaped our mission in bridging the gaps in ethnic hair and skin care resources for foster and adoptive families.

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F is for Fellowship

Many youth and families are isolated in their experiences with ethnic hair and skin care. Building a responsive community of support for caregivers and their families is one of our biggest priorities.

R is for Resilience

We firmly believe that professionals are stronger together. Cut it Forward is working to design networks while strengthening existing pathways to ensure that foster and adopted youth of color’s hair and skin care needs are not being neglected, misunderstood, or forgotten.

E is for Education

Education is key to ensuring foster and adopted youth of color have their hair and skin care needs properly met. We provide engaging opportunities and content to help further our families’ education, competency, and confidence in addressing these needs.

S is for Support

We collaborate with other organizations and professionals serving foster and adoptive families to eliminate barriers in youth of color and their caregivers accessing critical, culturally specific hair and skin care support.

H is for Hope

Cut it Forward strives to provide pathways for hope and positive representation for youth of color and their caregivers so they are not alone in addressing these culturally specific needs.


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We’re collaborating with hair and skin care professionals to create access to professional, licensed, and trauma-informed ethnic hair and skin care services.


We conduct ethnic hair and skin care product drives in an effort to stock the pantries of our community partners with a variety of products.


We’ve partnered with hair and skin care professionals as well as child welfare professionals to facilitate trainings, workshops, design educational content, and more.